Helping communities build resilience and sustainability

I believe that communities of people, working together, can build systems which will be crucial to the achievement of a sustainable, fulfilling, peaceful and enjoyable future.

In fact I have seen this happen many times through my work with;

-    Community-owned farms growing high-quality food for the community

-    Community-owned energy businesses generating green energy for local consumption whilst generating an income for the community

-     Community-owned transport operations

-     Community-owned food distribution businesses.  See a summary here

In the process of building and developing these community enterprises, these people are building networks which then facilitate the initiation of other operations.  I see this virtuous circle resulting in resilient communities of happy, safe, successful people - generation after generation.

I see my role as a facilitator of this process.  I listen to what needs to happen.  I design workshops and other processes to encourage communication.  I run interactive presentations of my experience of working with over 150 similar community groups across the UK over the last 14 years.  I mentor groups to set up their own projects and train other mentors to do the same. I make sure that my involvement is temporary.  I encourage networking between communities to share good practice.

I have a reputation with my clients for being efficient, highly organised and fun to work with: “it didn’t feel like work but we got so much done!”.

Action planning at one of the RHPP2 workshops
Action planning at one of the RHPP2 workshops - see Recent Projects